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External Automation

Whether it’s an internal or external wall mounted or a hand held remote control device, a wide range of Weathermaster outdoor products come with a range of operation types and systems to suit your light, privacy, comfort and style requirements.

To ensure our products meet your requirements and are easy to use and operate, a wide range of Weathermaster Awnings and External Sunscreens can be automated for added convenience. The motors supplied are of the highest standard, are reliable, safe and created for simplicity, reduced noise and increased internal comfort. Automated awnings with switch or remote control are ideal for hard to reach window coverings and for people who may have difficulty with manually operating an awning. Automated awnings/sunscreens can be incorporated in “Smart Home” and building management systems.

Somfy Automation

resizedimage7070-somfy-logoWeathermaster are Somfy automation specialists. A Somfy automation system puts you in control and provides a much desired flexibility that is simply not available with a manual system.

Automated awnings and external sunscreens can help to reduce your energy costs. In summer they can maximize shade and sun protection to keep you cool, but then in winter let the sun come in for natural warmth and light. A Sunis Wirefree sensor will extend your awning when the sun reaches a preset intensity. It’s automatic shade for your home.

The smooth operation of Somfy’s motors means your awnings are never mistreated. You can even use an Eolis 3D Wirefree sensor to automatically retract your awning when it gets too windy, protecting your investment. Somfy’s world leading motors are hidden away inside your awning. There are no bulky boxes and all you will see are the stylish and easy to use Somfy controls.

Weathermaster products with the option of Automation

  • External Sunscreens
  • Folding Arm Awnings: Ultimo and Mediterranean
  • Pergola Awnings system

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