Child Safety

With Weathermaster you don’t have to compromise your privacy, style or comfort in order to protect children from accidents with window coverings throughout your home.

Weathermaster window coverings are available with a wide range of optional child safety features that can be fitted to Weathermaster window coverings in homes where children may be.

Cordless operating systems are a new direction in window fashion, and offer optimum child safety. Our selection of cordless operating systems includes automation, wand control, the LiteRise lifting system, for Whisper® shades, and the exclusive Ultraglide®.

For window coverings that traditionally operate with a chain or cord, Weathermaster offers a range of optional tensioner devices and cleats that can be fitted to your chosen window fashion. These devices need to be selected at the time of ordering – and fitted at the time of installation.

Cordless control for enhanced child safety


A wide variety of Weathermaster Window coverings are offered with automation options to eliminate cords and allow blinds, shades and awnings to be operated at the touch of a button, remote control or wall mounted switch. The motors supplied are of the highest standard, are reliable, safe and created for simplicity, reduced noise and increased internal comfort. Automated Blinds, Shades and Awnings can be incorporated in “Smart Home Systems” and Building Management Systems to minimise energy usage for heating and cooling. Available for Weathermaster Whisper Shades, Pleated Blinds, Rollershades and Internal Sunscreens, Venetian Blinds, Weathermaster Fabric Awnings and External Sunscreens

Cordless lifting systems

Corded window fashions are also available in “cordless” styles through the use of spring-loaded mechanisms or simple wands.

LiteRise Lifting System

Weathermaster Whisper LiteRise Lifting system is a completely cordless system for operating energy efficient whisper Shades, for the ultimate in child safety. With the LiteRise Lifting System, your whisper Shade is simply raised or lowered with your hand on the bottom rail of the blind.

Wand control

The wand option on select Weathermaster Window coverings allows all functions to be controlled by a single wand without the need for loose operating cords. Available for Weathermaster Vertical Blinds and Panel Glide

Weathermaster Countrywoods® Shutters

Weathermaster Countrywoods Shutters are cordless by design, eliminating the potential safety hazard posed by operating cords. Countrywoods shutters are available in a large collection of colours to suit your home décor. The paint and stain used to finish Countrywoods Shutters is non-toxic.

Safe Cord Control Systems

ULTRAGLIDE® lifting system

ULTRAGLIDE Shades incorporate an innovative lifting system that allows you to operate your shade using a single retractable cord maintaining a consistent cord length regardless of the position of the blind. Available for Whisper Shades.

EasyRise lifting system

The EasyRise Lifting System offers a continuous cord loop for easy movement of the shade. This cord tensioner, when properly installed to the wall, holds the looped cord taut. Available for whisper Shades.

Combination wand / cord

The combination of wand and cords for E.O.S Vertical Blinds integrates both tilt and traverse functions into one easy control that keeps the cord taut. Special Safety Features

Cord tensioner

Our cord/chain tensioner, when properly installed, holds looped cord/chain taut to reduce the risk of a child becoming entangled. Available for Rollershades, Internal Sunscreens and Roman Blinds.

Cord cleat

Designed for standard cordlock products, the cord cleat allows lift cords to be tightly wrapped around it when the blind is raised for both enhanced safety and a neater appearance at the window. Available for Countrywoods Venetians, Masterwoods Venetians, Whisper Shades, Roman Shades and Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Safety Tips For Your Family

We suggest you adopt these simple tips to ensure the well-being and safety of your children and pets.

  1. Check your blind and curtain cords
  • Check your blinds are genuine Weathermaster Window coverings and have been installed correctly with Child Safety Cords and Cleats if they are corded window coverings. You should do this in your home and also when on holiday, when staying with friends and relatives and if renting.
  • Check for loose or looped cords that your child can reach from the floor or by climbing on furniture.
  1. Secure loose cords out of reach
  • Always make sure safety devices are fixed to solid materials that won’t fail if a load is placed on them.
  • Ensure you can secure your unsafe cords and chains out of reach.
  1. Only purchase Weathermaster Window coverings which:
  • Are available with an approved child safety mechanism to secure cords/chains.
  • Have no cords/chains such as automated Shades, LiteRise Lifting Systems and Wand Control Systems.
  1. Keep children away from all cords/chains
  • Move anything a young child can sit in, stand in, or climb on (like cots, highchairs, beds, sofas, tables, chairs and bookshelves) away from windows that have cords/chains.


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