Rollershades Systems

Weathermaster Rollershades offer the ultimate in traditional value, style and hard-wearing durability. Combine sophisticated technology within a variety of revolutionary fabrics allow the ultimate in light, glare and heat control from blockout, Sunscreen to light filtering.

Weathermaster Rollershade offer a wide range of styles and operating options, including the classic Standard Chain Drive Rollershade, Twin Bracket Rollershades, Linked Rollershades or Automated System to complement your home design.

The Weathermaster Fabric range provides you with the ultimate variety of colour, and style from plain to textured, with a range of fabric features including SanitizedĀ® for those sensitive to dust mites and odour or Duraguard a repellent for most staining agents.

Whichever fabric you choose the exclusive use of ultrasonic cutting technology will ensure fabric edges are sealed to enhance the performance and longevity of your Weathermaster Rollershades.

Product variationsĀ 

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Blockout fabrics provide the ultimate privacy both day and night. Weathermaster blockout fabrics are available in range of monochromatic shades and contemporary textures.

Light Filtering

Light Filtering fabrics provide medium to high levels of privacy, but do not provide complete blockout. Light filtering fabrics are available in a range of opacity’s and textures providing a delicate filtered light.


Sunscreen fabrics provide good day time privacy, but low night time privacy. This factor, along with the specific openness factor of the sunscreen should be kept in mind when selecting a sunscreen product.



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