Countrywoods Timber Shutters

Weathermaster® Countrywoods® Shutters provide the timeless beauty and enduring craftsmanship of real timber, custom made for your home.

Weathermaster Countrywoods Shutters are a beautiful combination of functionality, durability and practicality in a window covering. They are more than just a basic window covering; providing light and heat control, whilst adding style and value to your home. Each shutter is custom made to your window or doors exact specifications.

Weathermaster Countrywoods Shutters are manufactured from premium quality kiln dried solid Basswood. Basswood is a timber that is light, strong and extremely stable. Louvers and profiles are carefully prepared and undergo an exacting process to ensure a fine lustrous and durable finish.

Weathermaster Countrywoods Shutters feature a modern colour range including 4 painted finishes and 22 stains to suit any interior colour schemes

Product variations

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Frame and mounting options

With a variety of frame style and mounting options, including hinged, bi-fold on track and sliding on track, there is a shutter system available to suit almost any window or door application.

Two louver styles

Choice of traditional elliptical louvre or flat louvre to suit your decor.

65MM, 91MM & 116MM Louver options

Traditional elliptical louvre available in 65mm, 91mm and 116mm sizes or flat louvre in 91mm only to suit the style of window or give the amount of view-through required.


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